Since our founding in 2008, we at Blue Ridge Wine Excursions are proud to have earned the right to call ourselves the #1 provider of wine and brew tours in Charlottesville. Going forward, we are excited to continue to introduce our clients to the vibrant community of Artisans and Innovators that make the Monticello Wine Trail such an amazing place to explore.

But as we look around Charlottesville, we see so much more that we want to show our clients! As locals know, Cville and the surrounding Piedmont region at times appears as magical bubble where people care deeply about where their food comes from, preserving the beauty of our rural and wilderness spaces, and honoring the history that informs and shapes the place we are lucky to call Home. 

With that bit of back story, we are very excited to introduce Blue Ridge Excursions Unlimited! We have crafted these tours with the intent of giving visitors a chance to dig deeper into this amazingly rich and vibrant region. Take a walk on hallowed ground. Trace your meal back to its source. Imbibe not just a drink, but a way of life. Wander through the timeless Shenandoah Forest. Dive into the refreshingly cool waters of a hidden swimming hole. These are places you won't find on the standard Cville Tourist map, but are the makings of amazing memories. 

Let us show you what get's us so excited about this place, Won't You? Join us for a tour soon!