Introduction to Blue Ridge Excursions Unlimited

Why do people move to a new place? I reckon most often, folks are willing to take that drastic step of picking up roots and transplanting themselves for practical reasons- prospects of a better job perhaps, better opportunities for raising a family, and the like.

I've never been one for practicality myself, so when I was coming back from a stint living abroad a couple years ago, following a pretty girl to a quaint town called Charlottesville seemed as good a reason as any move to a new locale.

In the months since coming to live here, I've found a love for this town and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, not just for the abundant beauty of the place, but also that of its people and the fascinating stories they tell. I've learned many of these stories working for Blue Ridge Wine Excursions, the predecessor to Excursions Unlimited and the vision of our Founder and CEO, Andrea Saathoff, who discovered a similar love for this town when she and husband Greg moved their family here over 30 years ago.    

She'll be the first to tell you that much has changed over those intervening decades. The wine industry has exploded, yes, but so too have so many other sectors of agriculture, driven by socially conscious young entrepreneurs who are actively changing the idea of what it means to be a farmer in our time. I've heard Charlottesville described as foodie heaven, where food producers, providers, and consumers are actively seeking each other out in ways our forefathers would surely recognize. This is a town that cares deeply about where their food comes from, and wants to share that bounty with guests like you, if you know where to look. 

Speaking of forefathers, history is never far away in this town. Yes, everyone knows about Thomas Jefferson and his home on the hill, Monticello, but do you know who Jupiter, his servant and confidant was? Do you know of Jack Jouett, the Paul Revere of the South or the Gray Ghost of Albemarle County? The story of Nelson County's world famous Soapstone quarries? Do you know the tale of Abraham Lincoln coming to nearby Richmond for the first time? 

These are tales we'd love to tell you as you pass through the beautiful land we are proud to call home, on the tours we are so excited to introduce- the Excursions Unlimited Collection! These tours feature hand picked destinations I love to visit with friends and personal guests, during times of rest and rejuvenation. Please join myself and the rest of the Blue Ridge Excursions Unlimited team, as we cordially invite you to be our personal guests for a day touring the Blue Ridge and all  the wonders it has to offer!